Above Ground Pool Heaters

If you are interested in an above ground pool heater, there are several types to choose from.  It is important to determine which type will best suit your needs before you purchase one.  These products are each designed to heat your above ground pool in a unique way.  It is up to you to decide which design you like best.  One type of above ground pool heater is the solar pool heater.  Another type of above ground pool heater is the electric pool heater, and the third type of above ground pool heater is the propane pool heater.

The solar pool heater for above ground pools is a great way to both heat your pool efficiently and do your part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  These systems are pretty easy to work with, and aren’t as complicated as other pool heating systems.  The unglazed plastic collectors needed are affordable and pools by design have great temperature maintenance capabilities.  You can use the water filter pump to push pool water into the solar collectors.  The price for this type of systems starts at around $100.00, depending on specific parts needed and the vendor.

The second type is the electric pool heater for best above ground pools.  This type is best for maintaining a warm pool in a wide variety of external temperatures.  This method uses a heat pump, specially sized and fitted for your individual pool.  This heat pump is capable of holding and sustaining pool temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees, even if it’s snowing outside. The heat pump design uses electricity to fuel it, and it requires a base outside temperature of 45 degrees.  These units also use the warmth of the sun to maximize their efficiency and output. They grab the heat in the surrounding air, convert it to energy, and use it to help fuel the pool heating process.

The third type is the propane pool heater for above ground pools.  A propane pool heating system is ideal for those that want to heat their pools temporarily for use, but not sustain the heat all day long.  This can greatly reduce the overhead costs of maintaining a pool.  This type of heater has maximum efficiency, but it is much more expensive than the other two systems to operate.  They operate through propane burning in a special combustion chamber that transfers the heat produced into your pool.  Propane pool heaters are even better than electric pool heaters at maintaining high pool water temperatures despite severe seasonal or climate changes.

The heaters are always larger than needed and have plenty of energy to spare.  To this end, they are not as energy efficient and create a much greater carbon footprint.  You can use a gas heater as a backup for your solar heater, or to quickly heat your pool when family comes to visit.  They also act as an excellent back up for a spa.  They are ideal for quickly heating the pool when guests or children are visiting, or for a second home where the pool is not heated on a regular basis. It is also an ideal heater or backup heater for a spa.


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